Our newest display the Latrobe 337 is opening soon in Lara Lakes!

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First Home Buyer

Lara Lakes display
8 questions you should ask when visiting a display home

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or looking to lock-down the right design for your dream home, visiting display homes is a fun yet informative way to look at your options.

Building a new home with Geelong Homes
The 7 steps to building a new home with Geelong Homes

Building a new home gives you the freedom to live at a property which is created exclusively for you and your family. It is an ambitious project that requires careful planning and often comes with a lot of stress for first timers. Geelong Homes is here so you can enjoy the building process as much […]

Building a new home within your budget in Coridale, Lara

If you’re considering building a new home within your budget, Coridale Estate has available land that you can snap up for a house and land package in Lara with Geelong Homes. There are no ifs, buts, or delicate dancing around it. Getting into the property market in today’s economic climate is hard. It’s even harder […]

Why you should build with Geelong Homes

We know what you’re probably thinking. Of course a builder is going to list all the reasons why you should build with them in a bid to get your signature on the dotted line. But here’s the thing. We’re not just rattling off a sales pitch and leaving you in the lurch once the deal […]

Why Geelong Homes was the perfect builder for these two clients

The building journey is full of excitement but there is a lot of information to process and big decisions to be made. And if you’re new to building, it’s always wise to have someone close to you who can support you on your way. For first home buyer Bridget that person was her mum Helen. […]

Take a look at Geelong Homes’ facades

At Geelong Homes we offer our clients a choice of five facades to suit a range of different streetscapes from urban, coastal to acreage settings. Whether you like a traditional or more contemporary design, our range of facades offer timeless looks for a variety of different tastes to slot seamlessly into any streetscape. Let’s take […]

Our guide to builder’s jargon

Inclusions, orientation, handover… Are you finding it hard to follow the conversation with your builder? As a local builder, Geelong Homes prides itself on expert advice and making sure that its clients are well-formed all the way through the building process. To prepare you for your building journey, we have put together our guide to […]

New designs: Smarter, smaller homes join Compact Range

Do you wonder if you will ever find a way to enter the property market? For first home buyers or people simply on a tight budget, building a smaller home offers a smart and easy way to have your very own home. There are a number of benefits to building a small home, in addition […]

What to expect from our new home consultants

If you’re embarking on building a new home for the first time it can feel daunting, however if you’ve got the right team behind you the building process can be truly rewarding. At Geelong Homes we want to take the stress out of the building process to create a truly enjoyable and life-changing experience. And […]

First home buyers Cassandra and Ebony’s reflections on building with Geelong Homes

As a first home buyer one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you should buy an established home or build new.

What’s the difference between standard inclusions and upgraded inclusions?

When you’re on the search for your ideal home, there’s no better resource than taking a look at display homes. And our newest offerings will provide you with an even greater insight into the homes that Geelong Homes build!

Your question answered: I’ve got land but what next?

You’ve made the decision to build your dream home and have bought a block of land but what now? Your next step is choosing your builder.

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