Five things you must consider before building your acreage home

If you live in an urban location with neighbours in close proximity to you you might be feeling cramped. If that’s you, it might be time to consider moving to a location that offers you more space to enjoy.

If space is what you want, nothing can beat an acreage block. An acreage provides all the space for a growing family, storage, gardens or even a hobby farm. In our region, acreage blocks can be found in areas as close as 30 minutes from Geelong — which provides you the best of both the country and the city. Top locations for acreages include — Ocean Grove, Torquay and the Golden Plains (Bannockburn, Teesdale, Inverleigh and Lethbridge).

In addition, an acreage block allows you the space to build the home that you’ve always wanted that will suit your new acreage lifestyle.

However, before you start searching for acreage land to complete your idyllic country lifestyle, there are a number of things you must consider and plan for.

  1. Power
    Firstly, does your block have access to power and will the power meet your usage requirements. An alternative is an off-grid power set-up using renewable energy. This is costly and residents will still need to consider their usage requirements to ensure they have enough electricity to power their essentials. However it has a number of benefits, including less impact on the environment and self-sufficiency. You can also reduce your power usage by utilising the orientation of your block and your home.Home orientation is how your home is positioned on your block to make the most of the northern sun depending on the season and the time of day. It results in better natural light and a more comfortable temperature in your home throughout the day whatever the season.This means less heating or cooling and therefore less energy consumption on your acreage.
  2. Water supply and drainage
    Water supply is another important aspect to consider. Your property will need water for drinking and cleaning plus water for your garden.If your block is located in an unserviced area, there are a number of options. According to Barwon Water, you may be eligible to connect via a new private connnection or a private connection owned by a third party. It is best to contact Barwon Water for your options. In terms of drainage design, you may need to contact Council as in many new acreage blocks the stormwater needs to be designed by an engineer as a requirement. For garden water, rainwater tanks are an excellent option – with all the space available on your property, you could easily install rain water tanks and pumps to keep your gardens looking lush and green.
  3. Septic tank
    Some acreage-style blocks may not have sewer connections so it’s important to understand if a septic system is needed.First step is to check with Barwon Water to find out whether or not the property is serviced by sewers or if there are any planned sewer extension work for your area. If not, you will need an on-site waste water management system or septic tank, which requires a council-approved permit. In terms of a location for the septic system, you will need to establish a location that is out of the way of any proposed sheds, buildings or pools.
  4. Planning permits and requirements
    Planning permits are a necessary part of building any home. If you’re unsure about your requirement, the local council can provide information on the zone and overlays of your block, and what permits will be required. Council can also provide information on any future developments and amenities that might be planned in your area. Building envelopes and setbacks from fences are another planning requirement you must also consider. And for homes built between Jan Juc to Lorne you will need to adhere to the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO). Each build requires a bushfire management statement and needs to go through the Council. There are a number of criteria the build has to meet, such as the property needs to have a defendable space around the home and it must be built with non-combustible material for the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating.
  5. All weather access
    Once the planning permits have been approved and you’ve met all your requirements, it’ll be time to build. However, access is also another aspect to take into consideration. You will need to think about how brick and framing trucks will be able to access the site during construction. Things to consider for access includes whether trees might need to be removed. This is something that your builder can manage – so ensure you have chosen an experienced builder, like Geelong Homes, to help you through this process.

Just add your dream acreage home

An acreage property is worth every effort and Geelong Homes offers a range of acreage home designs to suit different needs.

A starting point is our Barrabool 212 – a three-bedroom, two-bathroom acreage home. This home has all the essentials, including walk-in pantry, a spacious main bedroom, walk-in robe and ensuite, and separate kids wing.

Next is our popular Barrabool 285. This is our four-bedroom, two-bathroom acreage home that is complete with mudroom and rumpus room. And the largest of our acreage range is the Hamilton 320. With 34-metre frontage, this home has three living spaces – perfect for those who enjoy entertaining.

All our acreage homes come with a choice of four facades – Classic, Traditional, Bungalow and Contemporary.

We also offer an Eco Pack, that includes double-glazed doors and windows, battery and solar power pack, upgraded insulation and a roof blanket, to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

In summary

An acreage property is perfect for those searching for the ideal home with plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.
However, before you embark on building a home on an acreage block you must consider five things:

1. Power
2. Water supply and drainage
3. Septic tank
4. Planning permits and requirements
5. All weather access

Geelong Homes have been building homes across our region for 27 years and can provide the right advice and guidance to people who are looking to build an acreage home. We also offer a range of upgrade packs, including our Eco pack, which can help you create an energy efficient home with a back-up power source.

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