Geelong Homes set the benchmark for these first home buyers

Geelong Homes was the first builder Alysha and Matthew spoke to when they started looking into building their first home — and, as Alysha says, that was when the bar was set.

“Geelong Homes was always at the forefront of our minds when we started talking to other builders,” she says. “They certainly set a benchmark.”

Alysha is a details person. As a conveyancer, the skills she uses on a daily basis ended up being skills well-suited to finding the right builder to build her first home. She says she spent a lot of time researching the finer details of building a home, from the price of inclusions through floorplans. And in the end, she says they couldn’t find a better builder than Geelong Homes.

It’s now been more than a year since Geelong Homes built the couple’s Bickford 175 home with a Classic facade in Charlemont Rise Estate, and they still can’t fault their home.

“It’s our first home, but if we ended up staying here forever, we’d be happy — we love this house,” Alysha says.

Discovering Geelong Homes

Alysha says as soon as they met their Geelong Homes new home consultant, they felt comfortable and confident in what Geelong Homes could deliver.

“Our new home consultant showed us all the different plans that would suit the block we were looking at,” she says.

“He actually went out to the block and had a look at it to make sure what we wanted could work.

“We didn’t want any surprises, we wanted a fixed price that was right down to the bone.

“Geelong Homes gave us that, and it really made the building process so much more comfortable.”

Alysha says as a conveyancer, she is always speaking to people selling or buying multiple properties.

“Clients of mine mentioned they had built multiple properties with Geelong Homes and that their standard was phenomenal and they hadn’t had any issues with the builder,” she says.

“We had already made the decision to build with Geelong Homes, but their comments reaffirmed that we had made the right decision.”

The building process

Alysha says the personalised service she found with her new home consultant continued once the building started.

“I enjoyed the fact that our site supervisor made himself available to answer any of my questions at any time,” she says.

“I was on site all the time, and if I had a question I would call and every time he would always reassure me and make me feel so comfortable. The whole process moved quickly.”

Alysha says her dad, who is a plasterer, also has an eye for detail.

“I was surprised that my dad could walk in to our new home and not point out problems with the plastering,” she says.

“Everything was done how it was expected to be done. We’ve been in our house for a year and there’s been no deterioration in terms of quality.”

The joy of building

Alysha says they are still making some final touches to their new home. Most recently Matthew, who is a landscape gardener, completed their front garden.

She says they still love their home as much as the first day they moved in and recommends anyone looking to buy their first home should look into building.

“My advice to anyone looking to build is to look at what’s included,” she says.

“You’ve got to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth — it’s a big investment. Many people I have spoken to have been caught out with things like not having their driveway or door handles included in the final price, or the general standard was just not up to scratch.

“With Geelong Homes their general standard was a higher quality compared to other builders.”


In doing their research, first home buyers Alysha and Matthew couldn’t fault the service and product that Geelong Homes had to offer. Alysha says Geelong Homes’ fixed price made her feel comfortable about the building process. She says Geelong Homes staff went above and beyond to make them feel at ease and that their needs were met throughout each step of the process.

She recommends that anyone looking to buy a home should look into building with Geelong Homes.

“It’s our first home, but if we ended up staying here forever, we’d be happy — we love this house,” Alysha says.

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