HomeBuilders Grant - there's no time to waste

  • First Home Buyer

If you’re keen to build a new home and want to take advantage of the HomeBuilder scheme, there’s no time to waste!

There’s many offers and promotions out there right now that are targeted at securing your business at any cost. But what many of these promotions fail to mention is that without titled land you might get caught out when it comes to meeting the HomeBuilder scheme deadline! This isn’t just signing a contract by 31 December 2020, what’s also important is that construction must commence within three months of the contract date to make you eligible for the $25,000 grant.

At Geelong Homes, our first questions are: “where is your land and when does it title?”

It’s essential we know that information so that we can make sure we can commence construction within 12 weeks, which we can promise with our Site Start Guarantee.

At Geelong Homes, we’re local people who pride themselves on supporting locals and being honest in what we can deliver. Our focus is always to keep you as our client happy— so let’s get you on site so you can take advantage of the savings you’ll receive from the HomeBuilder scheme!

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