How to choose a home design to suit your block’s orientation

There are many things that you’ll want to get right when building your new home and making sure that you orientate your home to suit the block’s aspect is one thing you shouldn’t overlook. Think, the sun warming your home on a winter’s morning and better shade on your home during those long summer days. Home orientation can help you achieve that.

What is home orientation?

Home orientation is how your home is positioned on your block to make the most of the sun and wind depending on the season and the time of day. Good home orientation can result in less heating or air conditioning use. It can also result in better natural light and a more comfortable temperature in your home throughout the day whatever the season.

As well as making your home feel more comfortable, home orientation ultimately means your new home will be more energy efficient and potentially save you money in the long run — and who doesn’t want that?

How can a Geelong Homes floor plan be orientated to better suit your block?

Geelong Homes’ standard floor plans can be mirrored and flipped to take advantage of the aspect of the sun and to suit your block’s crossover, which is where your driveway meets the road.

For example, if the rear of your block is west facing and you like our Thornhill 212 design — you can choose to flip the rear half of this home to make sure that your living room receive the morning sun, and the kitchen and living areas receive the afternoon sun. Changing the floor plan in this instance will help to keep the bedrooms cooler on a warm day, while creating a well-lit and open living space with plenty of natural light throughout the year.

Geelong Homes’ floor plans can also be mirrored, which allows you to build your home to suit the position of your block’s crossover. Often, a block’s crossover has already been specified by the developer. However, rather than disregard a floor plan that you love because the garage will need to be on the other side, Geelong Homes gives you the option to mirror the home to suit the crossover. Alternatively, you can also flip the front of the home to suit the crossover, while flipping the back of the home to better capture the sun.

Not all builders offer the option of flipping or mirroring a floor plan, but for us, it’s a very important design element and something that we believe can improve the overall enjoyment of your new home.


Home orientation is one aspect of building a new home that you’ll want to get right. At Geelong Homes, we’ve got this covered, with the option of flipping or mirroring our standard floor plans to make the most of the north sun as well as suit the position of your crossover.

By making the most of the north sun, you’ll not only make your new home more energy efficient and potentially save you money but create a more enjoyable and comfortable living space through every season.

*Available on most floor plans. Additional costs may apply.

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