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The beauty of building your own home with Geelong Homes is creating a home that is a true reflection of your own style. All the choices lie with you — the floorplan, facade and all the internal and external selections to create a home that’s uniquely yours.

And one of those selections is hardware. What is hardware? It’s all the door handles, locks and knobs that will be found throughout your home, from the front door handle down to your kitchen cabinets. At Geelong Homes, all our quality hardware is supplied by Gainsborough.

Hardware can really help define the look and feel of your home, whether it’s: minimalist sophistication, Scandinavian cool, pure Hamptons or edgy Industrial.

At Geelong Homes we have come together with Gainsborough to explore these looks and how you can bring them to life in your new home using quality hardware.

Minimalist Sophistication

Minimalist interior design is a growing trend, with many of us seeking a home with clean lines and muted tones to help simplify and calm our busy lives.

Gainsborough describes it as a style that opens and highlights space in the home, based on the idea that “less is more”.

“An ideal style for those who dislike clutter or those with smaller places that wish to make it seem bigger than it really is,” Gainsborough says.

But how do you introduce this into your home through your hardware?

“The key to this style is simplicity,” Gainsborough says. “Finishes that suit this type of look are satin chrome or bright chrome finishes. Consider the use of cavity sliders and also it might be worth taking a look at our Allure, Angular, Ambassador and Bailey styles to achieve this look.”

Satin chrome or bright chrome finishes match the minimalist sophistication style

Scandinavian Cool

Scandinavian interiors have been one of the most popular trends this past decade (thanks IKEA!) and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Scandinavian design is all about organic textures and materials simply used to create highly functional spaces. And your hardware can be one of the easiest ways to bring Scandinavia into your home!

“Often referred to as a contemporary style, the Scandinavian style is aptly named after the part of the world where this style is influenced by,” says Gainsborough.

“It’s the most common style in modern homes and also the easiest style to achieve at the moment with a vast variety of choices that is widely available.”

Matt black is a popular choice for those wanting a Scandinavian look

“If it’s a little too bold for your taste, both of our satin or bright chrome finishes will do just the trick,” says Gainsborough.

“For door furniture styles, our G2 and Trilock Contemporary ranges are perfect for the Scandinavian look, but you can also look at our Amelia, Lianna and Amara ranges.”

Pure Hamptons

If you want a home that exudes refined coastal luxury, then you really can’t go past a classic Hamptons look.

“Inspired by the luxurious homes found in Long Island over in the states, Hamptons style homes are becoming increasingly popular especially along Australia’s east coast,” says Gainsborough.

“While this style is commonly referenced by the exterior and its architecture, the interior/décor is also an aspect that makes a Hamptons style.”

White is the predominant colour palette for a Hamptons home and allows you to add subtle splashes of colour.

“To create this feel with your door furnishings, it’s best to use finishes that are brass of gold-toned, however you can choose to just use classic styled furniture, such as our First Impressions or our Trilock Traditional,” Gainsborough says.

Edgy Industrial

For a look that just speaks cool, you can’t look past the Industrial look. Raw materials, such as timber and steel are the true heroes of an industrial look — its genius lies in how you can use these simple materials to create maximum impact.

An industrial chic style is used in our Arcadia 206 display in Oakdene Estate

“The Industrial look embraces the natural/exposed materials of a building, such as steel beams, exposed brick, concrete and natural wood and is often used in combination with each other,” Gainsborough says.

“Often referred to the warehouse/loft look, this style of home is becoming increasingly popular especially in former industrial areas, where old/abandoned warehouses have been converted into residential spaces.

“As this style focuses on natural building elements, your door hardware should follow suit, with the use of brushed satin chrome or stainless steel finishes to compliment these features.”

Latest technologies

For more than 50 years, Gainsborough have been developing and producing innovative door hardware and their latest product is truly impressive.

The Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock, features the aesthetics Gainsborough is known for but with the very latest technology.

This new system can provide you with peace of mind when you’re away from home and has the ability to not only tell you if you have forgotten to lock your home but can also tell you if the kids have arrived home safe from school. Brilliant!

Gainsborough Freestyle Electronic Trilock – keyless entry

In summary

Hardware can really help define the look and feel of your home. At Geelong Homes, all our homes come with quality hardware supplied by Gainsborough. Gainsborough has developed and produced innovative door hardware for more than 50 years.

They say whether you want to introduce a minimalist, Scandinavian, Hamptons or Industrial style to your home, Gainsborough hardware can help you achieve any look with their wide range, including their newest technology, the Freestyle Electronic Trilock. This new system can provide you with peace of mind when you’re away from home and has the ability to not only tell you if you have forgotten to lock your home but can also tell you if the kids have arrived home safe from school.

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