Moving from Melbourne: Emma and Peter’s Building Journey with Geelong Homes

Nestled within Geelong’s popular Armstrong Creek lies Anchoridge Estate, a vibrant community of young families who have built their forever homes. For Emma and Peter Donnelly, Anchoridge Estate is where the dream to move to Geelong and start a new life became their reality. Their journey with Geelong Homes is not just a case study of building a new home but it’s a testament to the power of transparency, expertise, and exceptional service.

The idea of moving from Melbourne to Geelong was one Emma had in the back of her mind, but the spark ignited when Emma’s sister made the bold move to purchase a block in Anchoridge Estate, Armstrong Creek. This triggered Emma into action about a similar move. Tired of their busy Melbourne life and still feeling the impacts of post-Covid fatigue, Emma envisioned a quieter, more fulfilling life for her young family. As fate would have it, a block of land opposite her sister’ became available, signalling the start of Emma’s new home-building journey.

Emma envisioned a quieter, more fulfilling life living in Geelong for her young family.

The quest for the perfect builder led Emma and Peter through various display villages and conversations with different new home consultants. However, it was Geelong Homes that captured their hearts, thanks to the unparalleled service and expertise of New Home Consultant, Ash Afshar. Emma fondly recalls Ash’s guidance, transparency, and invaluable advice, which proved instrumental in navigating the intricacies of their unique block and ensuring a home design that was perfectly orientated with all the functionality and design to suit their young family’s lifestyle.

New Home Consultant, Ash ensured Emma and Peter’s home design was perfectly orientated with all the functionality to suit their lifestyle.

“Ash was amazing. He was so knowledgeable and was an open book providing genuine advice and giving us confidence that he wasn’t hiding anything.” Emma said.

From the initial conversations with Ash to the start of their build, Emma and Peter were met with a level of professionalism and dedication that surpassed their expectations. Geelong Homes stood steadfast, providing unwavering support and guidance every step of the way.

Emma and Peter adapted their floorplan to include a bar nook.

Emma’s enthusiasm for her new home is palpable, particularly when she describes the heart of their home – the spacious open-plan kitchen and living area that opens to the backyard. This central space boasts a generously sized kitchen complete with a walk-in pantry, and will no doubt be where cherished memories are made.

The generously sized kitchen with a walk-in pantry will no doubt be where cherished memories are made.

Reflecting on the build process, Emma expresses her utmost satisfaction with Geelong Homes, applauding their communication and attention to detail. Despite the involvement of multiple site supervisors, the end result surpassed expectations, a testament to Geelong Homes’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Emma said: “We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Geelong Homes, especially considering we were novices to the world of building.”

The elegant powder room features Penny Round tiles and brush brass fittings.

For Emma and Peter, the culmination of their building journey marks the beginning of a new chapter. Now, as they turn their attention to adding the final touches to their landscaping, they’re also enjoying spending time amidst the tranquil surroundings of Anchoridge Estate. Here, they’re not just homeowners but part of a vibrant community, where dreams are nurtured, and futures take shape.

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