Staff Profile – Meet Terry Brady

Terry has been with Geelong Homes coming up to 18 years and is a crowd favourite among our team. Starting from humble beginnings, Terry completed his carpentry apprenticeship in Darwin, before moving to Geelong and beginning his connection with Geelong Homes as a sub-contractor carpenter.

Displaying fine craftsmanship and showing great potential, Terry was offered a position with Geelong Homes as a Junior Site Manager in 1999. Fast forward 18 years, Terry now is a Senior Site Manager. When we asked him what he loved about his job, he said he really enjoyed working outdoors and meeting new people, especially our clients. Terry also said “Geelong Homes are a great local company and everyone is wonderful to work with. I’m really proud to have been with the company so long and be a part of who they are today”.

Terry, AKA Uncle Tezza or Turbo is an avid Tigers supporter, but don’t hold this against him, as he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Last words from Terry….”That is all”.

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