Our newest display the Latrobe 337 is now open in Lara Lakes!

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First Home Buyer

Lara Lakes display
8 questions you should ask when visiting a display home

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or looking to lock-down the right design for your dream home, visiting display homes is a fun yet informative way to look at your options.

Introducing: our newest range plus our first double-storey designs

As the Geelong and Surf Coast regions grow and change, so do we. Our latest Geelong Homes brochure has revealed a whopping 14 new designs — our answer to the growing demands of our region. What’s even more exciting is this includes a new Terrace Range, plus Geelong Homes’ first ever double-storey home designs.

A guide to finding a home within your budget

Budget is arguably the biggest cause of stress when buying or building a home. Firstly, you might ask yourself: “Can I afford to build?” And secondly: “Will I be able to build my dream home within my budget?”

How to buy your first home in your 20s

If you were to listen to popular belief about young people entering the property market, you would think that it’s virtually impossible to buy your first home in Australia. However, Olivia Nicholls proves that conception wrong. At 22, Olivia is now living in her brand-new Geelong Homes home in the popular hotspot of Torquay and is absolutely loving it.

7 easy ways to elevate your home

We want to build you a home that you’ll love for years to come. As an experienced builder — more than 20 years’ experience to be more precise — we know how to elevate a great home into something truly special. Many people think you need big hero pieces to add luxe to space, but in fact, in many cases it’s the smaller things.