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At Geelong Homes we offer our clients a choice of five facades to suit a range of different streetscapes from urban, coastal to acreage settings.
Whether you like a traditional or more contemporary design, our range of facades offer timeless looks for a variety of different tastes to slot seamlessly into any streetscape.

Let’s take a look at each of our facades in more detail:

Classic Façade

Geelong Homes’ Classic façade is our base façade which means it’s included in the price of our standard range of homes. This facade features a hipped roof design and includes a small portico at the entrance.

A large window is central to the design of this façade which is surrounded by weatherboard cladding. The home also includes face brickwork across the bottom of the window, a rendered post and includes a panel lift garage door.

Clients will be guided by the Geelong Homes colour consultant during their session at our Style Studio to select the colours and materials for their façade. So, you can get creative with this facade by adapting the colour selections to make it truly your own.

Classic Facade

Traditional Façade

Geelong Homes’ Traditional façade is perfect for those who are seeking a picture-perfect, timeless look to suits any streetscape.

The unique feature of this façade is its Dutch gable design which has a combination of a hipped and gable roof.

The other standout design of this façade is its verandah. Verandahs have been an iconic feature of Australian homes for many years. Our Traditional façade has a verandah across the front of the home that includes four posts to form this iconic look.

The verandah also creates articulation across the front of this façade as well as providing shelter to the front of the home from the elements.

A mixture of materials is used on this façade including weatherboards, render and brickwork.

Traditional facade

Contemporary Façade

Our Contemporary facade is for those who want a modern home with a distinct twist.

This facade has a hipped roofline and features a large porch that stands proudly out the front of this design. The porch has a pop-up design with strapping to provide detailing. A large rendered post sits on one side of the porch and is complemented by a timber post on the other side.

The façade features a series of narrow windows that add further detail to this design.
With its combination of materials including brick, weatherboard cladding, Colorbond roof and panel lift garage door, the Contemporary façade will suits clients looking for a modern design.

Contemporary facade

Bungalow Façade

Our Bungalow facade adopts many of the signature design elements of the original Bungalow style. The most distinctive similarity is the use of the gabled roof and porch. In our twist, we’ve used the weatherboards to create a sophisticated, contemporary design statement.

The use of brick around the garage — pays homage to the original Bungalow’s brick verandah, and creates a feature of the bricks’ distinct earthy texture against the simplicity of weatherboard walls.

Our Bungalow façade features a large, full panel window. This still creates a striking design feature but in a sleek and modern way.

The Bungalow facade has proven the test of time as a classic favourite for more than 100 years. If you love the traditional Bungalow style of many homes in Geelong’s more established suburbs, you don’t have to miss out when building your new home.

Bungalow facade

Coastal Façade

Geelong Homes’ Coastal façade is a striking design ideal for coastal streetscapes. The distinct look of this façade comes from its skillion roof which creates it’s modern and minimalist look.

Narrow vertical windows feature on this façade and vertical Axon cladding completes the modern feel of this design.

The façade also features a small porch which has clean straight lines to suit its modern design.

This façade includes a mix of materials including Axon cladding, render and a brick garage.

Our colour consultant will help our clients select colours and materials for their façade to adapt this design and make it their own.

Coastal facade


Geelong Homes’ range of facades offers timeless looks for a variety of different tastes to slot seamlessly into any streetscape.

Our facades include:

Classic – our base façade included with any home design. This façade features a hipped roof and weatherboard cladding.
Traditional – this facade features a Dutch gable and verandah.
Contemporary – this facade features a hipped roof and large pop-up porch with strapping detail.
Bungalow – this facade feaatures a gabled roof and porch.
Coastal – this facade features a skillion roof and vertical Axon cladding.

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