What Do the Changes to the National Construction Code Mean for You?

If you’re thinking about building a new home, you’ve probably heard about the recent changes to the National Construction Code (NCC). You might be wondering what these changes actually mean and how they will impact building a new home with Geelong Homes.

The NCC regulates the Australian construction industry, setting minimum standards for safety, health, amenity, accessibility, and sustainability. In 2022, the largest update to the code since its inception was released, and these changes took effect in Victoria on May 1, 2024.

So, what are the changes?

  1. Energy Efficiency

    Previously, new homes were required to comply with a 6-star energy rating. Now, all new homes must achieve a 7-star energy rating. This change aims to reduce energy consumption, peak energy demand, and greenhouse gas emissions.

    What has Geelong Homes changed to meet the 7-star energy rating?
    For clients who deposit on a Geelong Home after May 1st, their homes will now feature double-glazed windows and doors.

    There are a number of benefits to using double-glazed windows and doors in your home. The most significant is the improved insulation of your home which reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Double-glazed windows and doors now come standard with Geelong Homes homes.

  2. Whole of Home Compliance

    In addition to the 7-star energy rating, homes must achieve 60% of net zero emissions. This considers energy usage from heating and cooling, cooking equipment, water heating, lighting, plug-in appliances, swimming pools and is offset by solar panels, and battery usage.

    What has Geelong Homes changed to meet the Whole of Home requirements?
    Geelong Homes’ standard inclusions already feature energy-efficient appliances and a heat pump hot water system, but in addition to these our homes now include a 2kW solar system.

    Geelong Homes now have a 2kW solar system in our homes.

    The addition of the 2kW solar system will provide your home with sustainable energy. The sun’s energy is captured by state-of-the-art solar panels on your roof. An intelligent inverter then converts the energy into electricity to power the home.

  3. Condensation Mitigation

    With improved airtightness in modern homes, managing condensation to prevent mould is crucial. The updated NCC requires additional ventilation measures to mitigate condensation within a home including ventilation of roof spaces and exhaust fans ducted outside.

    What has Geelong Homes changed to meet the new condensation requirements?
    To improve the ventilation of roof spaces, Geelong Homes will now install ventilation openings at the gutter level to facilitate crossflow ventilation, pushing air to the highest point for dispersal outside. This measure, along with the whirlybirds that are used for venting the top part of the roof, will significantly reduce condensation and the potential for mould, ultimately making the home healthier for residents.

    Another change Geelong Homes has made to improve the circulation of air is to our internal toilets and internal bathrooms (wet areas that don’t have an external window). The exhaust fans in internal toilets and internal bathrooms are now connected to light switches with a timer running for 10 minutes post-use. Additionally, shower exhausts are connected to whirlybirds.

  4. Livable Housing Requirements

    New homes must now be more accessible. This includes wider doors and hallways (1000mm between finished surfaces), an accessible toilet with a circulation space of 900mm x 1200mm, and provisions for grab rails. Homes must also feature one step-free (zero-threshold) shower with provisions for grab rails and a step-free (zero-threshold) access into the home from the street.

    What has Geelong Homes changed to meet the Liveable Housing requirements?
    Our Geelong Homes floorplans have been redesigned to meet the Liveable Housing requirements. We have increased the width of our doors and hallways and reconfigured our ensuites to ensure they have more circulation space.

    The shower in the ensuites has a zero threshold and the home can be accessed through the zero threshold of the garage making the home more accessible for its residents and for visitors.

Accessible ensuite
Geelong Homes ensuites have a step-free shower and more circulation space.


The NCC changes effective from May 1st represent the most significant update to home construction standards since the code’s inception. These updates mean new homes will be more comfortable to live in, healthier, will suit residents through their different stages in life and be cheaper to run.

In response to the NCC 2022 changes, Geelong Homes has updated our standard inclusions. Our homes now come with double-glazed windows and doors, a 2kW solar system, and enhanced accessibility and ventilation features.

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