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Everyone can visualise their dream home. For some, it’s a pretty traditional home with muted tones and classic fixtures and fittings. For others, it’s a striking modern home that’s all about going big and bold in colour and fixtures. Whatever your dream, at Geelong Homes it’s our job to help you create a beautiful home that’s unique to you — and that all happens in our Style Studio.

When do you visit the Geelong Homes Style Studio?

At Geelong Homes, we’ve created a seven-step building journey that serves as a clear guide on what to expect when you choose us to build your dream home.

Although you may have a clear idea of what you want from the start, visiting our Style Studio is step four in this journey.

By the time you get to step four, you would have already chosen your home design with the help of your new home consultant.

You would have also paid your deposit and been presented your preliminary plans ahead of signing your contracts.

And once all this serious stuff is out of the way, the real fun can truly begin inside our Style Studio.

What happens in the Geelong Homes Style Studio?

In the Style Studio, you will meet one of our professional colour consultants. Their job is to guide you through the selection of your home’s colours, fixtures and fittings. What does that mean? Specifically this is the colour and material selections for inside your home, such as wall colour, cabinetry finishes, flooring, door handles, taps and bathware, and tiles. Our colour consultants also help plan your electrical fixtures and fittings, which includes mapping out your lighting plan to help create a more light-filled space. This also includes where you want to add in feature lights, such as statement pendant lightings, and fans. It’s also where you’ll make your exterior selections — such as roofing, cladding, brickwork and hardware.

Although this is where lots of fun can be had, the myriad of choices when it comes to colours, finishes and fixtures can be quite overwhelming.

But no need to worry, Geelong Homes colour consultants know their stuff. And they want your Style Studio experience to be straightforward and enjoyable. They also understand that this is where you can truly personalise your home and create a look that’s an honest reflection of you.

If you’re not exactly sure what you want or what your “look” is, our colour consultants can help you discover what your personal style is. They can provide a range of expert choices that can suit your needs and preferences.

What trends are Geelong Homes colour consultants seeing at the moment?

Our colour consultants know their interior design. They’re seeing a shift in interior trends from the simple white Scandinavian design that’s been popular in the past to a return to earthy tones.

According to Laminex’s Forecast 2020, there are three noticeable trends arising — bold, deep colours; pastel colours; and natural tones.

For deep colours — it’s a mix of navy blues, dark greys, black, deep green and purple, against darker woodgrains and marble.

According to Laminex the deep colour palette is “a strong palette, clean and architectural, and suited to both classic and contemporary interiors.”

For pastels, it’s a range of muted pastels with grey undertones to brighter pops of pastel colours through to delicate soft pastels that can easily be paired with natural textures. In all instances, think pink, blue, green and brown.

According to Laminex: “The emergence of chalky pastels brings broad appeal in both commercial and residential settings, making it a highly versatile and elegant palette. A rich and raw palette of greens, browns and dark woodgrains inspired by the natural world.”

When it comes to natural tones, nothing captures an earthy style more than green. What is great about green is its ability to work well with any natural texture — from timber to rattan.

“Green hues are the perfect decor for 2020 pushing the balance towards organic tones which amplifies the nature-inspired palette,” Laminex says.

The preference for a more organic look in the home is not only reflected in colour choices but in texture choices, too. Our colour consultants are also finding that nature-inspired textured finishes are becoming a popular choice. This includes handmade tiles, loop pile carpet, weathered benchtops or chalk, or textured timber, grain laminates.


At Geelong Homes, our job is to bring your dream home to life. Once you’ve selected your home design, paid your deposit, received your preliminary plans and signed your contracts you can start to think about how your home will look.

In our Style Studio, you will be able to get the first glimpse of your finished home. This is where you’ll meet one of our colour consultants who will guide you through the selection of your colours, finishes and fixtures.

And if you’re not sure of what your style is, our experienced colour consultants can help, with expert advice on the latest trends.

Geelong Homes colour consultants have found that in 2020, the home trends are returning to natural, organic looks. In particular, it’s earthy tones, such as green and brown; delicate pastel colours; and big bold colours, such as deep navy blue.

With Geelong Homes, you can feel in safe hands knowing that your home will be a home that’s a true reflection of your style and character. The dream home you’ve always wanted!

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