Why we keep building with Geelong Homes

When a client comes back time and time again you know that you’re on to a good thing.

Here at Geelong Homes we’ve had customers that have built not just one home with us but multiple homes. We recently spoke to two couples who have been building homes with us for more than 10 years, one of which is about to build their fourth home and the other their seventh!

They say they’ve enjoyed the experience so much, they haven’t even thought about using another builder. And in addition to getting an outstanding home at the end of the process, they owe the seamless experience to the personalised service that they have received from Geelong Homes.

It’s not surprising. Geelong Homes’ new home consultants are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about what they do. New home consultants are here to guide you through your building journey with advice and knowledge to help you realise your dream.

Mel and Craig built their very first home with Geelong Homes 13 years ago. As first home buyers they were looking for an affordable entry point into the property market and Geelong Homes was the perfect fit.

“Geelong Homes had a reputation for good quality homes at the more affordable end of the market,” Craig says. “And Sean our new home consultant is friendly and accommodating. Mel has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even a 20-minute drive can sometimes be exhausting for her. Sean was very understanding and worked around what was best for Mel.”

Their initial experience helped them develop a long-term investment strategy to build a nest egg for their future. After they built their first home, they took a big leap and built two more properties as investments with Geelong Homes.

“Back then we weren’t on a great wage, but Mel could see the big picture,” Craig says.

“Sean is so awesome to work with. Any issue, he’s just on to it. Sean knows what he’s talking about, he knows his business and he knows houses. He has this ability to overcome issues and he goes out of his way to help.

“The houses are all good quality and they’ve all been built in a good time frame — the longest was a week short of four months. We’ve never had any major issues with our three houses.”

Mel describes building with Geelong Homes as stress-free and enjoyable.

“Geelong Homes delivers an excellent product, which has always been completed very close to their estimated completion date,” she says. “They are a professional, accommodating and a caring company who instil you with confidence right from the very start.”

Craig, a personal carer who works in aged care, and Mel, a real estate office manager, are now building their fourth home with Geelong Homes — an investment property they plan to live in for the short term.

“The whole experience with Geelong Homes and Sean has been amazing. We have created a friendship with Sean — we look forward to seeing him each time,” Craig says. “The whole experience has made us want to do more.”

“Dealing with Sean has always been an absolute pleasure as he always goes above and beyond, is extremely knowledgeable, takes the stress out of the equation and even remembers the little things that were important to us from our very first build,” Mel says.

Carly and Shawn love building houses

When Carly, a hairdresser, and Shawn, a mechanic, built their first home with Geelong Homes they were 21 years old and had no idea what was involved in building a house.

Now, they are married, have three children, a four-year-old and twins aged 1, and are about to build their seventh house with Geelong Homes — their dream home on an acreage in Moolap.

Carly says she just loves building homes — to the point it’s almost become a hobby.

“I love every part from start to finish,” she says. “Some people find building a house stressful but I love it!

“Sean was so helpful throughout the whole process. He made building easy and fun.

“I’ve had no dramas with Geelong Homes. They fixed any issues that we had and nothing was ever a drama.

“I had friends who were building through other companies and were having massive dramas. We have never had that. [A Geelong Homes] build times take half of that of other building companies, too.

“Some people say that’s a bad thing, but I’ve been living in my current Geelong Homes house for eight years and that was built in 11 weeks, there has never been an issue with it. We barely have a crack in the plaster. The quality is great!

“I’m yet to have a bad experience and that’s why I keep going back.”

Carly says that with Geelong Homes, “the price you sign for is the price you pay — there are no hidden costs.”

“Over the years I’ve probably referred at least 15 people over to Geelong Homes who have ended up building with them.”

Life lessons from the building experience

Carly says she’s learned many things from her building experiences, from practical skills, such as using power tools and building a deck, to nurturing relationships with the people who help make a new home a reality.

Carly says she’s glad they made the decision to build a home sooner rather than later, a move she believes gave them a financial advantage in the long run.

“I’m glad that we took the leap when we were so young, if we hadn’t have gotten into the market when we were 21 we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to do it now,” she says.

“I’ve learnt to have a good team around you. Good brokers, good conveyancers, good floorers. etc. Just good contacts in general. When you build relationships with these kinds of people it just makes the whole process a lot easier.”

For Mel and Craig, their experience with building homes has shown them that it’s not as stressful as people may lead you to believe.

“Most importantly we have also learnt that building is an excellent platform to set yourself up for the future,” Mel says.

And her advice for those wanting to build?

“If building for investment purposes, don’t over capitalise or follow trends and make sure you get expert advice from real estate agents and property managers prior to building,” Mel says.

“If building your own home do your research, have an idea what you want before visiting the display homes and most importantly make sure you have a rapport with the sales consultant right from the onset.”


Geelong Homes has clients who continue to build with us time and time again, including Mel and Craig, and Carly and Shawn who have been building homes with us for more than 10 years.

Mel and Craig are building their fourth house with Geelong Homes — a build that is part of a long-term investment strategy to build their nest egg for the future. Carly and Shawn have a busy young family and are about to build their dream home on an acreage — their seventh build with Geelong Homes.

Both say, they love the personalised Geelong Homes building experience and the quality home they get at the end of it.

And that all starts with Geelong Homes’ new home consultants, who are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about what they do. New home consultants are here to guide you through your building journey with advice and knowledge to help you realise your dream.

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