Our newest display the Latrobe 337 is opening on Saturday, 1st of June in Lara Lakes!

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What Do the Changes to the National Construction Code Mean for You?

If you’re thinking about building a new home, you’ve probably heard about the recent changes to the National Construction Code (NCC). You might be wondering what these changes actually mean and how they will impact building a new home with Geelong Homes. The NCC regulates the Australian construction industry, setting minimum standards for safety, health, […]

Moving from Melbourne: Emma and Peter’s Building Journey with Geelong Homes

Nestled within Geelong’s popular Armstrong Creek lies Anchoridge Estate, a vibrant community of young families who have built their forever homes. For Emma and Peter Donnelly, Anchoridge Estate is where the dream to move to Geelong and start a new life became their reality. Their journey with Geelong Homes is not just a case study […]

Geelong Homes Thornhill 212 display in Lara Lakes

Geelong Homes Thornhill 212 display in Lara Lakes We are delighted to showcase our popular and award-winning design the Thornhill 212 in Lara Lakes. The Thornhill 212 personifies comfort, style, and functionality making it the perfect choice for families. With its double gable design and porch with post detail, the Traditional facade featured on this […]

Lara Lakes display
8 questions you should ask when visiting a display home

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or looking to lock-down the right design for your dream home, visiting display homes is a fun yet informative way to look at your options.

What’s involved in a knockdown and rebuild?

Knockdown rebuilds have gained popularity throughout Geelong and the Surf Coast region, appealing to clients who have invested years in nurturing connections with their neighbours and their local community so they want to continue living at the same address. However, as their families grow, their current home lacks space, functionality or efficiency. Often, these aging […]

The new Latrobe 337: Your coastal getaway awaits!

Introducing the Latrobe 337, a large home perfect for those looking to build a getaway along the coast or for bigger families that need room to spread out. This five-bedroom design is not just a home; it’s a celebration of space, comfort, and versatility. Whether you’re considering multi-generational living or a holiday retreat, the Latrobe […]

Discover the Kensington 230: Geelong Homes’ First Courtyard Display Home.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Kensington 230, at Sanctuary Springs estate in Leopold. This home showcases the very best in modern living while paying homage to our local landscape with its Australian-themed interiors. Where Style Meets the Seaside Our updated Coastal façade is all about seaside charm and street appeal, with a skillion […]

Charity home raises more than $110,000 for research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Geelong Homes is thrilled to announce the sale of our charity home for River’s Gift which has raised more than $110,000 for genetic sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) research at the University of South Australia (UniSA). SIDS is a devastating and unexplained phenomenon that claims the lives of thousands of infants each year worldwide. River’s […]

Building a new home with Geelong Homes
The 7 steps to building a new home with Geelong Homes

Building a new home gives you the freedom to live at a property which is created exclusively for you and your family. It is an ambitious project that requires careful planning and often comes with a lot of stress for first timers. Geelong Homes is here so you can enjoy the building process as much […]

Building a new home within your budget in Coridale, Lara

If you’re considering building a new home within your budget, Coridale Estate has available land that you can snap up for a house and land package in Lara with Geelong Homes. There are no ifs, buts, or delicate dancing around it. Getting into the property market in today’s economic climate is hard. It’s even harder […]

Flinders 235 display
Our Top 5 Tips for Styling your Kitchen

A lot of things happen in your kitchen. It’s the place where new recipes are discovered, and old recipes are brought back to life. It’s the place where little snacks are made for growing families, and late-night snacks are made for spontaneous cravings. It’s a central spot where people gather, and memories are made. With […]

Riverside 246, Awarded Best Display Home $350,000-$500,000

The team at Geelong Homes are thrilled to have receive the 2023 Master Builders – South West Regional Award for Best Display Home $350,000-$500,000, for their Riverside 246 display in Coridale Estate, Lara. General Manager Josh Liston, said he was delighted to receive this accolade from the Master Builders at Friday night’s awards. “This award […]

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