What’s involved in a knockdown rebuild?

Knockdown rebuilds have gained popularity throughout Geelong and the Surf Coast region, appealing to clients who have invested years in nurturing connections with their neighbours and their local community so they want to continue living at the same address. However, as their families grow, their current home lacks space, functionality or efficiency. Often, these aging properties demand extensive maintenance, lack energy efficiency, and result in exorbitant expenses to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the seasons.

The knockdown rebuild process

So, what’s involved in knocking down an old house and building a new one? Below, we explain each step in a Geelong Homes knock down rebuild process, from assessing your existing property to building your new home, so you can understand exactly what a knockdown rebuild process entails.

Site Assessment
The initial step in the Geelong Homes knockdown rebuild process involves a comprehensive site inspection. Our dedicated new home consultants leverage online tools, conduct site visits, and engage in discussions with you to evaluate your land and demolition plans. From soil analysis to considering height restrictions and environmental surroundings, we leave no stone unturned in preparing for your dream journey ahead.

Design Phase
This is where your new home consultant will get to know you asking lots of questions about your lifestyle and what you need in your home. They will review the floorplans in our range that suit your block and discuss each façade option with you. They’ll look at every aspect of your new home including the orientation, materials and finishes, energy efficiency and more – to ensure it is tailored to your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Planning Process
Geelong Homes can handle the whole planning process – through to endorsement. With nearly 30 years experience of designing and building homes across Geelong, we’re experts in working through this entire process and will support you the whole way through.

After completing the design of your new home, we then apply for planning approval (if applicable). This is the stage where all the technical details of your project must be agreed upon and submitted to the relevant governing bodies. As every block is different, we will run you through what is stated within the planning permit and ensure all conditions are met. Geelong Homes is ideally placed to look after this stage of the process without any hiccups.

Contract Signing and Permit Application
Once all the paperwork is completed including your contract, we can then apply for your building permit and demolition permit.

You will need to organise for the services to be abolished and you’ll need to move out of your home into temporary accommodation while the hard work happens.

It’s worth noting that sometimes the abolishment of services can take up to six weeks, so if you’re in a position to move out of your home earlier and organise this sooner, this may reduce any delay in progressing to the next stages of the process.

Geelong Homes coordinates with an experienced demolition company to safely and efficiently demolish your existing home. Their expertise ensures a smooth process, preparing the site for the construction of your new home.

Additionally, we organise your Asset Protection Permit from your local council before starting any work that could damage council property.

Building Your New Home
Witness the transformation as Geelong Homes brings your dream home to life through the five crucial stages of construction:

  1. Base Stage: All of the stages within the construction process are vital but there’s no room for error when laying the foundations of a home. Our team of trades prepare the concrete slab by boxing out the house plan according to the structural plans of the home. An independent building surveyor then visits the site to check that the footings are the same as our working drawings and meets the engineering supplied in our contract. Once we get the building surveyor’s approval and an inspection certificate, we pour your slab.
  2. Frame Stage: We begin building the home’s frame meeting stringent building code standards. Once the frame is completed, the building surveyor returns to check the frame meets the building code.
  3. Lockup Stage: This stage might be one of the more exciting stages — as you’ll really be able to see your home come to life! Once the lock up stage is complete your home’s external wall cladding and roof cover will be fixed, the flooring will be laid, and the external doors and windows are fixed (even if those doors and windows are temporary). This means your home can be safely secured while the internal and external work by tradespeople is completed.
  4. Fixing stage: This is when the tradespeople come in and start working on some of the finer details of your home. At this stage, internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, built-in shelves, tiling, baths, basins, troughs, sinks, cabinets and cupboards of a home are fitted and fixed in position.
  5. Completion: On completion of your new home you will attend a pre-handover, where you will walk through the home with your site manager to check the finish of the home. If there’s anything you need to query, this is your chance to get it addressed before the official handover. Once we get the certificate of occupancy, it’s time for your handover and for you to move-in!

Benefits of a knockdown rebuild

Save Money: Opting for a knockdown rebuild can be more cost-effective than buying land and constructing a new home from scratch. You can save on various expenses such as land acquisition costs, stamp duty costs, agent fees, and legal expenses associated with buying a new property.

Customisation: If you love your current location but not your house, with a knockdown rebuild, you have the freedom to redesign your home to perfectly suit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. You can customise everything from the layout and size of rooms to the materials and finishes used.

Avoiding Renovation Hassles: Older homes often come with renovation challenges such as outdated infrastructure, structural issues, and design limitations. By opting for a knockdown rebuild, you can avoid these hassles and start fresh with a brand-new home that meets modern standards of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Plus, opting for a home rebuild guarantees compliance with current construction guidelines and council regulations, resulting in a better-performing and more energy-efficient home.

Efficient Use of Land: Rebuilding your existing property allows you to make efficient use of the land you already own. You can maximise the potential of your lot by designing a home that optimises natural light, outdoor space, and privacy according to your preferences.

Don’t own land? Check out our house and land packages here.

Less Disruption: Compared to moving to a new location or undergoing extensive renovations on an existing home, a knock down rebuild project can involve less disruption to your daily life. You can stay in your current neighbourhood, maintain familiar surroundings, and minimise the challenges associated with relocating.

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