Building a new home for an investment

As the state of the world constantly changes and evolves, you might be wondering whether now is the right time to build for investment.

But despite the uncertainty, if you can invest, property remains a solid option to consider.

Currently, the Geelong region is experiencing a rental property shortage – making building for investing or investing in a new home a worthwhile investment to consider.

Building a new home has several financial benefits, including the First Home Owner Grant and other subsidies.

By law, builders must comply with several warranties when building a new home.

These warranties last up to 10 years from the completion of the work. 

This means a new home offers a safe, low-maintenance investment property instead of an older home that may have a growing list of maintenance issues.

A Geelong Homes investment property

Rebecca Casson began her search for an investment property in Geelong earlier this year. A new quality home was at the top of her priority list when looking for an investment property.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Master Builders Victoria, Ms Casson is a firm advocate and believer in properties built by a Master Builder. Her search led her to an established Geelong Homes property in Armstrong Creek, built in 2019.

“Because of my role, I was very particular that my investment property had to be built by a Master Builder,” Ms Casson said.

“If a Master Builder didn’t build it, I didn’t consider it. The fact I could access support from the builder was essential to me. Many people don’t realise that when you buy a new house, it is still covered by a warranty.

“I experienced a robust quality assurance process with Geelong Homes.

“Between Carmel Scott and Alby Lah, the post-build process was comprehensive and efficient.”

Although Ms Casson bought an existing home due to time constraints, she would consider starting the process from scratch and building a new home as an investment.

“I didn’t build from scratch because I wanted something sooner rather than later,” Ms Casson said.

“But that’s not to say in the future; I wouldn’t consider building an investment property going forward – and it will definitely have to be built by a Master Builder.”


What can you build?

Geelong Homes has several ranges that offer great homes for property investors that can suit a variety of block shapes and sizes.

Our Compact Range offers affordable, efficient, and low-maintenance homes. The range features eight clever floorplans. Its newest additions are the Harriott 118, the Buchanan 139 and the Harper 147 – our most compact and fit blocks with a frontage of 8.5m.

The Compact Range comes with a choice of facades including this Contemporary option.

Our Terrace Range is ideal for investors looking to build on an older urban block. The range consists of three dual occupancy designs, two double-storey.

The Fenwick 168 offers stylish terrace living in a compact dual occupancy design. Suitable for a more expansive frontage of 18.6m, the Fenwick consists of two mirrored three-bedroom, two-bathroom terrace-style homes. These homes are a comfortable size and include two separate living spaces.

The Fenwick 168 is suitable for wider blocks.

The Coronation 198 is a double-storey dual-occupancy home designed for blocks with a 14.5m width. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living spaces, and a study nook.

And for those wanting a little more space – the Coronation 211 offers a four-bedroom dual occupancy design perfect for investors and families wanting two separate zones. Downstairs is the central living zone and main bedroom suite, and the first floor is a kids’ zone with three further bedrooms, the main bathroom, the rumpus, and a study nook.

The Coronation 198 is a dual occupancy design ideal for investors.

Our Essential Range offers a range of designs for investors with small blocks. It’s worthwhile exploring our Noble designs. The Noble 191, the Noble 196 and the Noble 224 RL are excellent choices for those wanting a big family home on a block smaller than 400m2. They are all four-bedroom, two-bathroom designs with perfect storage solutions.

Every Geelong Homes home also comes with our quality standard inclusions: Colorbond steel roof; Haymes paint; Gainsborough hardware; Artusi appliances; Clark taps and bathware; Volare tiles and flooring; and Floorworld carpet and underlay.

In Summary

Despite the uncertainty in the world now, if you are able to invest in property, it is worthwhile to consider building an investment home.

Master Builders Victoria Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Casson recently purchased an established house, built by Geelong Homes and still under warranty, as an investment property. A Geelong Homes home ticked all the boxes for a low-maintenance, quality home in a growth area – Armstrong Creek. She was pleased to have experienced Geelong Home’s thorough and efficient quality assurance and post-build process.

Geelong Homes has many suitable homes as investment properties, including designs in our Terrace, Compact and Essential ranges.

Every Geelong Homes home also comes with our quality standard inclusions: Colorbond steel roof; Haymes paint; Gainsborough hardware; Artusi appliances; Clark taps and bathware; Volare tiles and flooring; and Floorworld carpet and underlay.

And every Geelong Homes home is covered by warranties that last up to 10 years from completing the work. This ensures a safe investment property that is low maintenance and hopefully saves you money in the long term.


^ While we’ve tried to be as helpful as possible, this article should not be considered as professional financial advice. It contains only general information, and you should seek independent, professional advice before making any financial decisions.


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