The top 5 reasons why Geelong Homes should be your first choice

With so much negative press about building a home at the moment, it would be very easy to be turned off the building process. However for a long-standing builder like Geelong Homes—whether it is a challenging time or a prosperous time—our promise remains the same. We’re committed to building quality homes for local people at our most affordable price, supported by a trusted team of local trades and suppliers.

We’ve weathered many storms before and this is no different. So if you are looking to build a new home—we believe as Geelong’s local builder, we should be your first choice for five reasons:

  1. We only offer quality standard inclusions

    The homes we build are homes that we would want to live in ourselves—beautiful homes that are within a budget that allows you to continue enjoying the lifestyles our region offers. This means that even if you build a standard home, with no upgrades, you will get a home that not only looks great but also stands the test of time.

    Our quality standard inclusions are: Colorbond Steel roof; Haymes paint; Gainsborough hardware; Artusi appliances; Clark taps and bathware; Volare Tiles & Flooring; and Floorworld carpet and underlay.

    To experience a standard Geelong Homes home, visit our Noble 196 display at Anchoridge Estate in Armstrong Creek.

  2. We’re a locally owned family builder

    Geelong Homes was established in 1995 as an offshoot of locally owned family business Hamlan. Geelong Homes was developed as an affordable housing alternative to the high-end coastal homes that Hamlan builds—but with the same quality and attention to detail. And we emerged proudly carrying the Geelong name and promising to give the Geelong market a new trustworthy and affordable builder.

    Since then the same Geelong family have owned both Hamlan and Geelong Homes, and we’ve remained a mainstay in Geelong’s building market. Why?

    Because we are Geelong, local people who live and breathe the lifestyle that our great region has to offer. You’ll see us at your local cafe, a footy match or the local schoolyard.

  3.  We have long relationships with our suppliers and trades

    You want a builder that knows the region, the landscapes and is well-connected to the best local tradespeople and suppliers for the job. As mentioned above, Geelong Homes was created in 1995—and we still use some of the same local tradespeople we first started using 20 years ago. That local knowledge and those local contacts are absolutely essential at times like the one we’re experiencing at the moment. It means we are well placed to get the right expertise and materials into your new home.

    It also ensures a level of personalised service and expert advice that is essential to creating a home built by local people for local people.

  4. We offer practical floorplans and facades with street appeal

    Geelong Homes has four ranges of homes to suit the different lifestyles, landscapes and needs of our clients. Our Essential Range is our main range and has 18 designs made up of three-bedroom and four-bedroom homes to suit families, singles, couples, downsizers and investors. The Compact Range has eight designs and offers people homes with a smaller footprint that are affordable, efficient and low-maintenance. The Acreage Range has three home designs cleverly designed to meet the needs of a rural property. And finally our newest range – the Terrace Range. This range consists of three dual occupancy designs, two of which are double-storey. This range is perfect for investors seeking more bang for their buck.

    When it comes to street appeal, Geelong Homes has you covered—offering timeless facades to suit a variety of tastes.

    The Classic facade is our base façade that is included with any home design. This façade features a hipped roof and weatherboard cladding.

    The Traditional facade features a Dutch gable and verandah, while the Contemporary facade features a hipped roof and large pop-up porch with strapping detail.

    Two of our most popular facades is the Bungalow, which features a gabled roof and porch, and the Coastal, which features a skillion roof and vertical Axon cladding.

  5. We provide personalised service from an experienced team

    The Geelong Homes team are friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about what they do.

    When building with Geelong Homes there are two key people you will be in contact with during the build. Firstly, your new home consultant, who helps you choose your design, provides guidance and advice on your block and helps you with your contract and paperwork. And once building starts, your site manager will be your point of contact, who provides you with weekly updates on the construction of your new home. They also provide you with regular emails so that you can keep track of the progress of your home. And once each stage is completed, your site supervisor will invite you to the site to see the progress.

    You’ll also meet our Style Studio coordinator at a colours appointment during the planning stages of your build. This is another integral point of contact as it is in this appointment where you’ll be guided through the selection of your internal and external fixtures and finishes to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

    Throughout the building journey, you’ll deal with your new home consultant and site manager – keeping our process simple and streamlined for greater communication.

    We have a saying here at Geelong Homes, “build every home like it’s your own”. And that is very obvious when you meet our team.

In summary

If you are looking to build a new home – we believe as Geelong’s local builder, we’re your first choice for five reasons:

  1. We offer quality standard inclusions
  2. We’re a locally owned family builder
  3. We have long relationships with our suppliers and trades
  4. We offer practical floorplans and facades with street appeal
  5. We provide personalised service from an experienced team


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