Why you should build with Geelong Homes

We know what you’re probably thinking. Of course a builder is going to list all the reasons why you should build with them in a bid to get your signature on the dotted line. But here’s the thing. We’re not just rattling off a sales pitch and leaving you in the lurch once the deal is sealed. We mean every word we say. We commit to everything we promise. And, we deliver everything we say we will.

So, hear us out.  Here’s what building with Geelong Homes is all about.

We’re locals

We’re your local builder who live, breathe, and love Geelong. You’ll see us at school drop off, the local footy match, and for brekky at the café. We know our region, we know our community, and we know our stuff.

We’re family

We’re a second-generation family business, Geelong and Surf Coast born and raised. When you build with us, you become part of our family.

Ironclad trade relationships

Our supplier and trade relationships are long-term and built on mutual trust and confidence in building the Geelong Homes way – made with love and made to last.

We remember every face

From the second you’re greeted to the second you have your keys, our personalised service means we take the time to learn who you are, listen to your story, and work together to create your dream.

We make calls, not dodge them

Building a home is your journey and we make sure you’re always in the loop with weekly communication from our site team with updates on your home’s progress.

We’ve got 40 years of proof

Geelong Homes formed from the strong foundations of our parent builder, Hamlan, celebrating 40 years of incredible results for the Geelong community this year. That’s 40 years of experience, 40 years of relationships, and 40 years of proof.

Our service doesn’t end when the build does

When we hand over the keys, we don’t just call it a day. Other builders have entire teams dedicated to fixing all the maintenance issues lurking above and below. Our after-build service department is a team of two – Alby and Carmel – who treat every home as if it were their own, and deal with any problems that might rarely arise.

We take an active role in our community

The Geelong region community means everything to us. We’re born and bred locals and we throw all the support we can behind groups and causes that hold a special place in our hearts. This year, we’ve pledged to build our second charity home where the sales proceeds are donated to River’s Gift to help fund SIDS research. We’re also proud sponsors of the Bannockburn Football Club and Colac Tigers Netball and Football Club and are known to cook up a big batch of snags to feed the players.

A range designed for locals, by locals

We know the lay of the land, because we live here. Having that local knowledge means our designs are created to uniquely suit the beautiful landscapes, styles, and aesthetic our region has to offer.

Our homes don’t cost the earth

We’ve teamed up with local recycling crews and organisations to consistently recycle an average of 80% of our site waste. Our bricks and concrete become crushed rock for site driveways. Our spoil is taken to local farms and projects for clean fill. Our plastics, steel, cardboard, glass, wire, and any other recyclable material are all taken to recycling plants for reuse, because our environment matters more than our bottom line.

We check, then we check again, then we check some more

To you and to us, quality is everything. That’s why our quality assurance process involves two internal inspections and an independent quality inspection before it’s presented to you. And trust us, we’re sticklers for detail.

There are dozens of more great reasons you should build with Geelong Homes, but here’s one more that might tick the final box for you.  We’re currently guaranteeing a 12 month move in date from the time you place your deposit. No gut-wrenching delays for months. No more renting for longer than you have to. Just a beautifully built quality home delivered on time.

So, the real question is, ‘why shouldn’t you build

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